Sodales is a Latin-English [and English-Latin] companion to those who endeavor to learn to read and to speak Latin as currently as any other nowadays foreign language.
Regarding to one's purpose, Sodales provides :
- a fast reading tool (may it be through large or various materials) ;
- basic Latin-English and (brainstorming) English-Latin dictionary ;
- morphological assistant in order to correctly identify a specific morphological form, might the interest be in the derived form itself or in the root of the derived from (dictionary form) ;
- helpful and handy reminder of the meaning for the previously learned words ;
- a patient tutor for those who want to get the feel of or get acquainted to Latin morphology as they observe the syntax more easily due to fast morph analysis.

Bit of a guidance

One may follow the line of those vocabulary learning methods that claim the extended reading in order to gain acquaintance to words and phrases as they freely and vividly come along the way.
As to follow the intensive vocabulary learning methods, one should patiently unveil the meaning of each pursued word behind a respectable dictionary definition related to the other definitions of the members belonging to the same lexical family.
Ultimately any method leads to framing the semantic picture the word is assumed to be a part of. Next to that comes the style of each individual.
Make use of the both approaching attitudes! Both are wonderful!

Not to forget

The current version of Sodales dictionary is based on William Whitaker's WORDS (v.1.97FC) dictionary, to whom we do express our sincere gratitude.

Bucharest, the 23rd of April, 2012